Tiffany Goebel

Sounds like a great application. What I would really like to know is if multiple users can access the application and edit data at the same time, and anyone who has the application open will see any updated info made by another user.


Sure. All the changes are reflected in the app and an updated info is visible for other users at once, even while editing it at the same time.

ravid ornan

do you convert charts on excel 2007?

Kirill Bondar


The conversion done behind is manual work. The Excel file is needed, basically, to understand what to do, and if it can be done at all, sinceExcel is a spreadsheet, TeamDesk is a relational database, and the approach to data handling is different.

Once you have database set up, you may use full power of TeamDesk to build charts for your data.


Hi, This application seems to be very interesting. However my query is 'Upon using this application, will my data be saved and maintained on TeamDesk's server?'

Kirill Bondar


Yes, the application and the data is hosted on TeamDesk's servers. All you need is the internet connection and the browser.


will macros work?

Kirill Bondar


No, macros won't work. TeamDesk is a relational database, and the approach to data handling is different.


Will my data (or anyone elses for that matter ) be data-mined ?

Kirill Bondar

Yes, TeamDesk have data-mining capabilities

Ankara Yüzme Kulübü

Great idea. if its strong

Project Management Software

"Turn Excel into Web Applications"

Excellent Post. Really very good educational post.


Murad Khan

This is a nice concept of data sharing and very easy for everyone having a little knowledge of Excel. I have tried it and I really appreciate it.
Thanks TeamDesk

Daisy Limanau

8 months ago i convert my excel program to application (1 input form and 3 reports)
i used service from
cost only around USD 350, finished in 15 days
i hope this can help you


BAU DB is a hybrid of spreadsheet and database that allows users to create database solutions as easy as using a spreadsheet. No need to build anything and go straight to data entry work. It uses cells and SQL formulas to manipulate data and uses Excel for pre-formatted document or report templates. It's

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